My Dear Friends in Christ,

I am honored to serve as your Bishop and am proud of how we all united this past year to share Christ’s love and gifts with our brothers and sisters in need. Collectively, we

• served the vulnerable through Catholic Charities,
• encouraged our Seminarians and Deacons in formation preparing for priesthood,
• provided local families with health programs to care for their children, and
• helped young people grow in the infinite love of Christ in the beautiful hills of West Virginia

All gifts made to the Catholic Sharing Appeal enliven our shared ministries. They strengthen families, enrich parish life, and expand our charitable outreach efforts throughout West Virginia. And, while we made much progress this past year, we couldn’t reach everyone. It is my hope we still can.

I come to you with a genuine heart and ask you to prayerfully consider offering your support to the CSA. You can shine light throughout West Virginia simply by making a gift today!

Together, we can serve as a light for all to see and share His gifts with our brothers and sisters in need. May God abundantly bless you and your loved ones.

Sincerely in Christ,

+Mark E. Brennan
Bishop of Wheeling-Charleston