07 March 2016

All Saints, Bridgeport

[thermometer raised=0 target=40270 height=300 alt=off align=right]Dear Parishioners,

Pope Francis tells us to “Let the church always be a place of mercy and hope, where everyone is welcomed, loved and forgiven.” We are inspired by his wish that each of us experience God’s mercy and love. The 2016 Catholic Sharing Appeal (CSA), “Opening the Door of His Mercy” gives each of us at least one opportunity to fulfill Pope Francis’ wish to express mercy and compassion toward those in need. CSA contributions also help spread the hopeful Gospel message of Christ across the Diocese and here at our parish.

This year’s CSA goal is $1.7 million, which will provide critical funds needed for Catholic education, Catholic Charities West Virginia, and various diocesan ministries across the state. At the parish level, funding from the CSA will enable us to meet some pressing needs in our community.

Here at All Saints, we have a parish goal of $40,270.00. The first 5096 of our goal will be used to support the broader diocesan case mentioned above. Then every dollar raised will be returned to our parish, including 100% of funds raised over our goal. We will use the proceeds of this campaign to address the following needs: replacement of the collapsed wall in front of the church, replacement of the social ball floor, resurfacing the parking lot and fixing the remaining roofs over the classrooms. Also, we will use this money to maintain and expand our youth programs.

Please join me and your fellow parishioners in supporting the CSA with a pledge, payable over the next eight months, to help us fund these new and existing services at home and across West Virginia. We welcome and appreciate all gifts and pledges, regardless of the amount. Since each family has different circumstances, I only ask that you consider a sacrificial pledge or donation best fitted to your personal financial ability.

Thank you for your help and cooperation. Please pray for the success of the CSA and for all the needs of our diocese and parish.

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Benedict E. Kapa, Pastor