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2022 Gratitude Report 243 February 7, 2023
2022 Parish Report 395 February 7, 2023
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    2021 CSA - Final Parish Totals 820 February 1, 2022

      The 2020 Catholic Sharing Appeal was suspended due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

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      CSA Annual Fund Report

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      2016 CSA - by Amount Raised 468 March 7, 2017
      CSA 2016 - by Parish 453 March 7, 2017
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        Goal: $1,400,000

        Total Raised: $1,429,008

        Percent of Goal: 102%

        Total Number of Gifts: 4,493

        Average Gift Amount: $318

        Total Number of Parishes At Goal: 77


        Thanks to over 4,400 generous donors, the 2011 Catholic Sharing Appeal has surpassed the diocesan goal of $1.4 million dollars. Of this money, 15% (over $210,000) is being used to assist Catholic Education.

        Professional Development and Marketing Materials

        “We’re really pleased to work with Partners in Mission for three years now. We’ve seen great strides in the advancement program in many of our schools and hope to continue providing this service.”

        ~ Krissie Benson, Director of Stewardship and Development

        The Diocese has been collaborating with Partners in Mission (PIM), consultants in advancement and leadership services for Catholic education, to guide our schools in the area of enrollment, marketing and branding, and general advancement practices. Workshops are being held for all schools across the state. PIM are also visiting schools providing them with an in depth evaluation and helping them further advance their mission.

        The Diocese also provided “starter kits” of promotional marketing materials to all Catholic schools helping them market to children of all ages.


        “It is such a blessing to be able to offer continued training in the area of technology because it is always evolving. Our dedicated teachers and principals work very hard to explore new topics in the area of educational technology and then decide how they can implement new technology into their schools that will benefit student learning. We want to make sure we continue to provide the best education we can for each student in our schools. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the campaign!”

        ~Jennifer Hornyak, Director of Instructional Technology

        Technology is an integral part of each of our lives. In our students’ lives the use of technology is second nature. Throughout the schools across the Diocese, the integration of technology into the curriculum has continued to be a focus area by continually exploring ways that teachers and students can use technology to enhance teaching and learning. With the help of the Appeal, the Department of Catholic Schools will be able to offer summer trainings (2012) for our teachers and principals in the area of technology focusing on current trends in technology and education.

        School-Based Health Programs

        “When reflecting on the impact of our School Based Health Programs in our Catholic Schools, all the members of our team can remember a child who received new glasses, or had teeth repaired, or who tasted a variety of fruits and vegetables for the first time, or who had someone to talk to about the loss of a parent or a family member who was ill. Without a doubt, these programs are making a difference in the lives of our students and families.”

        ~Mary Ann Glusich, SBHP Nurse and Grant Coordinator

        Our School Based Health Programs support Bishop Bransfield’s concern for the health and wellness of children and adults voiced in his pastoral letter, A Church that Heals, and his focus on mental health in his most recent pastoral letter, Hearts Made Whole. The School Based Health nurses and counselor offer support with assessing physical disabilities, nutritional concerns, communication, behavior and social skills. Additionally, the counselor is available to students and their families who are experiencing anxiety, depression, ADHD, ODD and other issues.

        Tuition Assistance

        Approximately $710,000 was available to Catholic school students for tuition assistance for the 2011-2012 school year. Over 570 students received aid so far, with a second distribution planned for later winter or early spring.


        Thanks to over 4,400 generous donors, the 2011 Catholic Sharing Appeal has surpassed the diocesan goal of $1.4 million dollars. Of this money, 15% (over $210,000) has been put to use by Catholic Charities West Virginia (CCWVa)

        Food and Utility Assistance

        “In the Charleston Vicariate for the CCWVa Western Region, we are extremely grateful for the CSA funds assisting the Senior Connection Program. The CSA funds directly support the Westside Seniors. our Senior Connections Coordinator, Belva Faulkner, provides assistance to the seniors by transporting them to medical appointments and grocery stores. Friendly phone calls and get well cards are provided to those in hospitals as well as linking the seniors to other vital resources from the community for health and well being. Through generous donations of the CSA, Senior Connections is able to provide low income seniors dignity and hope to those that need it the most.”

        ~Elizabeth Hardy, MSW, LGSW, Western Regional Director, Catholic Charities West Virginia

        Sixty percent of the CCWVa portion of the CSA will go directly to those in need throughout the state through our Basic Needs Emergency Assistance Services. Thousands of our poor and distressed neighbors receive food, utility or rent assistance annually as a result of these funds.

        Twenty percent will provide additional support to senior citizens participating in our Senior Outreach in Charleston and individuals in the Weston Vicariate who are getting help and working hard to get out of poverty. The assistance alleviates some of the distress individuals and families may be experienceing due to job loss, family illness or systemic poverty.

        Children’s Services

        “Funds from the CSA had a loaves and fishes quality serving as a catalyst for collaborative efforts to provide school supplies to children in need. This multiplication went far in assisting many children to come to school prepared for learning.”

        ~Kristen O’Sullivan Harrison, MSW, Southern Regional Director, Catholic Charities West Virginia

        Our children are our greatest asset and CCWVa is committed to identifying and creating opportunities for children of low-income families to thrive despite the challenges they face. A portion of the CCWVa CSA funds will support opportunities like our summer camp in Summers County and our Got Your Back…Pack program that distributes back packs and school supplies in cooperation with other community organizations and school districts throughout the state. Additional funds may be used to supply winter and school clothing programs.

        Hispanic Ministry

        CSA funds will help alleviate the distresses distinctive to the growing Hispanic and immigrant populations in our state. We provide immigrants and their families help in becoming part of their community; learning the English language and our American laws and customs.

        Diocesan Ministries

        Thanks to over 4,400 generous donors, the 2011 Catholic Sharing Appeal has surpassed the diocesan goal of $1.4 million dollars. Of this money, 13% (over $182,000) has been put to use by various Diocesan Ministries across the state of West Virginia.

        Liturgical Resources

        “I am not only grateful for the support that the Diocese has shown in implementing the transition to the new Roman Missal through workshops, clergy sessions and educational materials, but also its willingness to help parishes defray the cost of that implementation.”

        ~Very Rev. Joseph Peterson, V.F., Pastor, St. Margaret Mary Parish, Parkersburg

        New Liturgical Resources were purchased to aid parishes in implementing the new Roman Missal. Two hundred Ritual Edition Roman Missals, 200 Chapel Edition Roman Missals and 34,000 pew-cards were purchased at a discounted rate and disbursed to parishes, missions, schools, prison ministries, campus ministries, hospitals, nursing homes, pastoral centers and religious across the state of West Virginia.

        Christian Marriage

        “The Office of Faith Formation has been able to expand our marriage ministry programs due to the generosity of this appeal. We are able to offer weekends for engaged couples so they are able to prepare for their marriage in a prayerful, retreat setting. We will soon be offering workshops and retreats for married couples. We are offering workshops on “healthy dating” on some of the college campuses and are doing vocation awareness education in the high schools to help young people see marriage as a lifelong vocation. I appreciate the opportunity to build this important ministry.”

        ~Michelle Tomshack, Director of Faith Formation, Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston

        Christian Marriage and life are also supported and strengthened through the Catholic Sharing Appeal. The CSA assisted in eight marriage retreat weekends this year, three in Charleston, two in Wheeling, two in Martinsburg and one in Huttonsville. On average 8-10 couples attend each retreat. This year the Office of Faith Formation is hoping to expand their marriage ministry beyond marriage preparation, planning retreats and seminars for married couples.

        Electronic Media

        “Here at Immaculate Conception we go and visit our shut-ins…We always hear that many of them are watching the Mass broadcast from the Cathedral on the local channel. This is money from the appeal that seemingly goes to the Diocese but again comes back to the community by blessing our shut in parishioners.”

        ~Rev. Casey Mahone, Pastor, Immaculate Conception Parish, Clarksburg

        Through Electronic Media the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston is able to broadcast Mass in two television markets, WBOY and WTRF. This provides the Diocese with the capability to provide Mass to 243,000 homes. Mass is also streamed live every Saturday night on the diocesan website, Christmas Mass, Easter Mass, and special events, such as Bishop Schmitt’s Funeral Service are able to be simulcast across 5 stations, covering the entire state of West Virginia as well as streamed live on the website.

        Campus Ministry

        “By creating a warm, welcoming place for students, we hope they come to know that they are truly loved by God, and in turn will love the Lord God with all the heart, soul, and mind and others as themselves! This would be our greatest success in campus ministry!”

        ~Jen Murphy, Assistant Campus Minister, Shepherd University

        The Diocese has made significant investment in campus ministry programs, thereby expanding the outreach of the Church at centers of higher education across the state. Campus ministry programs are critical to the continued formation of students at a very important time in their lives, plus future leaders in the diocese often emerge through campus ministries.

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        Goal: $1,250,000

        Total Raised: $1,357,907.38

        Percent of Goal: 108%

        Total Number of Gifts: 4,335

        Average Gift Amount: $310.44

        Total Number of Parishes At Goal: 77

        Parishes ~ over $670,000 allocated

        Over $670,000 will be returned to our parishes for their use locally. Go to to view your parish progress.

        Catholic Education ~ over $200,000 allocated

        School-Based Health Programs: 350+ students benefitted from health and wellness education and services.

        Professional Development: teachers in ten schools received assistance with continuing education; over 500 teachers and principals from all thirty-two schools participated in the DWC Professional Development Day which focused on issues of curriculum and technology in the 21st century Catholic school; curriculum professional development for teachers and administrators has been initiated and is ongoing.

        Curriculum: All thirty-two schools have undertaken curriculum revisions to address content defined by West Virginia standards; revision at the secondary level is complete, while the elementary level is in process.

        Marketing: 18 school web sites have been created or redesigned; commercials were aired at Marquee Cinemas promoting Catholic Education.

        Catholic Charities West Virginia ~ over $200,000 allocated

        Outreach Services: Basic needs and emergency assistance were provided to more than 79,000 individuals.

        Children’s Services: Over 24,000 children were served through services and programs including Child Care Nutrition, Birth to Three, Right from the Start and the Child Care Resource Center.

        Parish Social Ministry: Local parish and community leaders were provided with education, training and resources, empowering them to serve the most vulnerable in their communities, to live out the Church’s social teaching and to provide direct service, advocacy and convening.

        Building for the Future: Funds have been added to the principle of an existing endowment fund, which ensures the sustainability of programs and services through Catholic Charities West Virginia.

        Ministries ~ over $130,000 allocated

        Broadcast Ministry: The 6PM Mass from the Cathedral of St. Joseph, Wheeling, can be seen on the internet at a new site,, where parishioners can view the weekly Mass from their home computer or mobile phone; over 244,000 households can watch the weekly Mass on cable TV through WBOY and WTRF.

        Priest Retirement: There are thirty-one retired clergy receiving full retirement benefits, eleven currently working and receiving partial benefits, and two living in nursing homes receiving benefits.

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        Name Downloads Updated

        Thanks to the 4,595 generous contributions to the 2008 Catholic Sharing Appeal (CSA), the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston was able to provide many new or expanded programs and services. Nearly $600,000 was returned to our local parishes. The following report outlines some of the many ways CSA contributions were used to further advance the mission of the Church in West Virginia.

        Parish Stewardship Initiative:

        27 parishes participated in the Stewardship Initiative this fall. It consisted of an introductory session, followed by two workshops for participating parishes. Parishes created ministry booklets, organized ministry celebrations, conducted presentations by lay witness volunteers, as well as conducted a commitment weekend and follow-up for stewardship.

        Pastoral Services:

        5 retreat weekends were held for engaged couples, serving over 50 couples preparing for Marriage; trainings were held for sponsor couples; through the lay ecclesial ministry formation program (TIMELY), 12 students are working on their Master’s degree at Duquesne University and 23 are working toward certification in Lay Ecclesial Ministry; the third annual Summit for Life-Long Faith Formation was held for catechists, catechetical leaders, youth leaders and teams and Catholic school teachers; 41 nurses took the Parish Nurse Preparation Course; the annual health ministry conference was held in October; a diocesan council for persons with disabilities was formed in November; health ministry is now present in over 50 parishes.

        Catholic Education:

        22 elementary and 4 high schools received services of an Instructional Resource Assistant (IRA); 50+ teachers received assistance with continuing education (CEUs); 15 schools received maintenance upgrades; 13 schools started the curriculum mapping process; 10 schools received technology equipment purchased from Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy; 375+ students benefited from services provided through School-Based Health Programs.

        Catholic Charities West Virginia:

        More than 28,050 children received holistic nourishment through spiritual, recreational, cultural and educational services; 70,686 individuals received outreach services in the areas of utility, food and prescription drug assistance; over 10,079 seniors across the state benefited from services; approximately 135 clients were assisted through the Immigrations and Refugee Program.

        Goal: $1,000,000

        Total Raised: $1,273,000

        Percent of Goal: 127%

        Total Number of Gifts: 4,595

        Average Gift Amount: $277

        Total Number of Parishes At/Over Goal: 87

        Total Amount Returned to Parishes: $588,150

        Name Downloads Updated