The Catholic Sharing Appeal (CSA) supports the work of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston.  As Christians, each of us has a responsibility to share our blessings with others.  After reflecting upon the ministries funded by the CSA, please consider making a gift.

Goal: $1,800,000
Amount Raised: $2,540,198.28
Number of Gifts: 4,895
Raised $2,540,198 towards the $1,800,000 target.

CSA Annual Fund Report


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

When Saint Teresa of Calcutta was canonized last year, Pope Francis held up her life’s work of serving with the poorest of the poor as a model for us all to imitate.  Remembering the wonderful moments that I shared with Mother Teresa and the impact her life has had on so many, I adapted the theme for the 2017 Catholic Sharing Appeal (CSA) from her own words, Give Your Hands to Serve and Your Hearts to Love.

A humble yet remarkable woman of faith whose influence continues to be deeply felt, she reminds us that caring for the poor in our own neighborhoods is an essential work of the Gospel and that each one of us is called to support the Church’s charitable ministries.  One of the ways that you can most effectively support charitable endeavors in your parish and throughout our Diocese is through your support of the 2017 Catholic Sharing Appeal.  

The Appeal offers each of us an opportunity to participate in and promote the central mission of the church. Your gift, combined with the gifts of others throughout our Diocese, sustain the many ministries of the Diocese and makes it possible for our parishes, missions, schools and charities to broaden and deepen our ministries. I ask you to join me in support of the Catholic Sharing Appeal, encouraging you to share generously the material gifts that you have received from the Lord’s goodness.

As Bishop of Wheeling-Charleston, I continue to be grateful for the wonderful spirit of generosity and the depth of compassion that I encounter at each parish and outreach center I visit across our State.  I thank you for all you have done and I thank you for your prayerful consideration of this year’s Catholic Sharing Appeal.

Entrusting you to the protection of Our Lady of Charity, I am,

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Michael J. Bransfield
Bishop of Wheeling-Charleston

How We Serve

  • 110 Parishes and 16 Missions
  • 89 Diocesan Priests
  • 8 Seminarians
  • Over 73,000 registered Catholics
  • 5,506 Catholic School Students
  • Over 4,450 Students Enrolled in Parish School of Religion
  • Over 68,000+ People served through CCWVa each year
  • 21 Community Outreach Offices

Who We Love

All gifts to the Catholic Sharing Appeal (CSA) help fund ministries and programs that benefit the parishes, missions and schools throughout the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, as well as support for outreach programs through Catholic Charities West Virginia (CCWVa). 

Life in our parishes is at the center of our journey of faith together as Catholics. Every parish in the Diocese is assigned a goal. The first 50% of your parish goal will benefit diocesan ministries. Every additional dollar will be returned to your parish for local use. With this assistance, parishes can best contribute to the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ and the Church.

The CSA helps fund over 20 programs and ministries in the Diocese, which provide outreach, formation, evangelization, education and advocacy for thousands of families and individuals throughout West Virginia. Vocations, Formation and Mission, Youth and Young Adult Ministry, and Communications and Marketing are just a sampling of the various ministries that receive funding through the CSA. Your generosity helps prepare our children for fulfilling and faith-centered lives through the education and support they receive in our Catholic Schools and in their respective Parish School of Religion. Nearly 10,000 students benefit from these academically rigorous and spiritually enriched programs. Tuition assistance, professional development for teachers, enhanced curriculum, and school-based health
programs are just a few of the programs that the CSA benefits.

Rooted in the Gospel, the mission of CCWVa is to alleviate poverty, distress, and injustice by providing comprehensive social services to the poor and vulnerable, advocating for social justice, and calling all people of good will, especially those of the Church, to service. Flood relief, resettlement services, child care food programs, and basic needs and case management services are examples of services that receive funding from the CSA.

Impact of Giving

  • Almost $15 million raised since 2007
  • Over $7.5 million raised for parishes
  • Over $3 million raised for various Diocesan ministries
  • Over $2.1 million raised for Catholic Education
  • Over $2 million raised for Catholic Charities WV

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Catholic Sharing Appeal?

The Catholic Sharing Appeal (CSA) is a direct appeal that provides income for
Diocesan ministries, programs, services and parish needs.

What are the elements in the 2017 CSA?

This year our goal is $1,800,000 and the case for support is as follows:

Parish Share – 50%
Diocesan Ministries – 50%

The first 50% of the parish goal will benefit diocesan ministries and programs. Each additional dollar raised will be returned to the parish, including all dollars raised over goal.

Does the parish have to pay assessments on the Parish Share portion?

At this time, the Parish Share portions returned to the parishes are assessment free.

Does the parish have to achieve goal to receive their parish share?

The first 50% of the parish goal will benefit diocesan ministries and programs. Each additional dollar raised, will be returned to the parish, including all dollars raised over goal.

How are parish goals determined?

Parish goals are determined based on the percentage of the overall diocesan collection the parish represents from 2015 (most recent data available). For example, if a parish represents 2% of the overall diocesan collection; that parish goal would be 2% of the overall CSA goal.

When will pledge redemption begin?

Parishioners who make pledges will receive their first pledge reminder mailing one month after their pledge has been recorded by the Stewardship and Development Office. Pledge reminders will be mailed the first of every month until pledges are paid in full.

How will the parish receive credit for parishioner gifts?

Each pledge card includes the parishioner’s registered parish below the address information. Please encourage your parishioners to double check this registry on their cards. For gifts made through the in-pew envelope, a space is provided for the parish, and the correct city of the parish. These must be filled in, in order for the parish to receive credit.

Can parishioners restrict their gifts to one or more areas in the case for support?

No, all gifts will be used for the purposes outlined by the diocese as published in the CSA materials, and by the local pastor as publicized to his parish through the direct mail letter.

What type of gifts will be accepted?

Traditional gifts via personal check are accepted, as well as payments made by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) or through direct debit with a checking account. Other gifts such as appreciated securities or stock, easily liquidated property, and bequests are also accepted. Parishioners can also make gifts on this website by following the link at the top, Donate.